Patricia May Brooks: Targeting elderly

July 14, 2014 

My mother and my uncle, both 89, are residents at Spring Arbor assisted living facility in Kinston. We have just been informed of changes that the N.C. Senate is proposing in Medicaid in the 2014-15 budget.

The proposal will keep the elderly who receive a monthly income of more the $970 from receiving assisted care. This would mean my mother, who has been a resident of Spring Arbor for six years, would be forced to leave as her Social Security is $1,033 per month. According to the Lenoir County DSS supervisor, there are 231 elderly in our county who fall into the same category as my mother and would therefore be homeless.

The current system for caring for the elderly in Lenoir County is working. Our DSS will not allow any unqualified applicant into an assisted living facility. All allowed in are truly qualified under the current budget rules.

If the qualifications change under the proposed budget, where do these 231 elderly in Lenoir County go? These are frail, elderly senior citizens. They have nothing but Social Security income. They have no other assets and are appreciative of what little they have left. Please don’t deprive them of access to this much-needed care.

Patricia May Brooks, Kinston

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