Michael Doran: Gun questions

July 14, 2014 

As soon as I saw the statistic July 8 for Chicago of almost 60 people shot and 11 killed over the long July 4th weekend, I knew it would be blamed on “easy access to guns.” Whenever politicians are unable to effectively address homicide rates in their cities, they always resort to blaming the availability of guns.

It is time to look at that claim for Chicago. Chicago has the third-strictest gun laws in the country. The most recent statistics available (2012) put its population at 2.715 million and the homicides for that year at 506. It had 2,460 shootings that same year. By comparison, Raleigh had a population of 424,000 and 17 homicides. It is well-documented that Raleigh has nothing like the draconian gun laws in force in Chicago. With a population that is 6.4 times that of Raleigh, why is Chicago’s homicide rate 29.76 times Raleigh’s? Could it be something other than the availability of guns?

The fact is that the cities with the strictest gun laws include those with the highest homicide rates and those with rational gun laws rank near the bottom

Michael Doran


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