Geraldine K. Highsmith: Oberlin issues

July 14, 2014 

Regarding the July 10 news article “ Raleigh proposes Oberlin overhaul”: Cameron Park and specifically Park Drive require traffic-calming measures as part of the streetscape plan. The new “traffic-calming,” single-lane roundabout at Hillsborough Street and the recent 15-mph speed decrease as approaching the roundabouts on Oberlin Road have created a new neighborhood traffic pattern onto Park Drive.

Cameron Park, Raleigh’s 1920s historic neighborhood, is receiving a surge of speeding Oberlin Road traffic turning left onto Park and right onto Woodburn to take an illegal, over-the-speed-limit shortcut to Hillsborough Street.

Cameron Park, an original “pedestrian friendly neighborhood street,” should not bear the coming impact caused by new high-rise buildings and retail on Oberlin. Park Drive is a historic entrance into Cameron Park.

We wish for a redesign at Oberlin to decrease the option of speed on left-hand turns (angle change) onto Park, two speed-calming terrain changes and a speed limit on Park matching the speed change to 15 at Oberlin as it enters the roundabouts.

Geraldine K. Highsmith, Raleigh

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