Cary McGregor: The political plot

July 15, 2014 

As the high drama over the state budget negotiations continues, we should take a brief minute to acknowledge the effort taken by state Republicans to set up the hero figure.

Gov. Pat McCrory has said that he will veto the Senate’s proposed 11 percent pay increase for teachers. The House’s proposal is 5 percent and way too small. Now the stage is set.

Enter the hero: House Speaker Thom Tillis, the recent addition to the budget negotiation committee. Tillis’ role is to bring about compromise! Can he do it? Of course he can. That is how this play was written. Watch carefully as Tillis brings the two warring parties together on a pre-arranged compromise and is heralded by the Republican Party as a man who can work both sides of the aisle – the House Republicans and the Senate Republicans!

The question is will North Carolina voters be duped by this set-up into believing that Tillis is actually pro-education or realize that this is all part of a campaign to win votes?

Cary McGregor


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