Michael Ross and Robert Gutman: Hope for Middle East peace

July 15, 2014 

Voice for Israel mourns the deaths of the young innocents, on both sides of the conflict, whose lives were tragically taken recently in Israel. Voice for Israel has as its mission “to advocate and educate for Israel.”

That said, we specifically need to express our deep revulsion at the heinous murder of the Palestinian teen, Mohammed Abu Khdeir. Murder because of group hate is contemptible. Rabbis Marvin Hier and Abraham Cooper of the Simon Wiesenthal Center correctly called this “a desecration of Jewish values.” Thus, the immediate condemnation by all Jewish leaders is no surprise. All levels of Israeli society have reacted with horror at this loathsome act.

Fortunately, the suspected murderers were quickly apprehended and, if guilty, will be punished for their crimes. We look forward to the day when all parties to this tragic conflict will begin the soul-searching process of reconciliation. Though our words can bring no solace to both the Israeli and Palestinian bereaved, family and friends, our hearts still go out to them. We hope they can find some peace of mind in their future days, be it from their faith, from their own cherished loved ones or the knowledge that so many others share their grief.

Michael Ross

Chairman, Triangle Voice for Israel, Raleigh

Robert Gutman

Vice chairman, Triangle Voice for Israel, Durham

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