Ariane S. Piercy: NC Tracks issues remain

July 16, 2014 

NC Tracks, the computer entity that handles payments to Medicaid providers, continues to withhold money owed workers by using stall tactics that affect the income of middle class workers in health care fields.

If NC Tracks can issue a letter of termination within the same working day as an error entered into the data system and take a $100 “re-enrollment fee” within minutes of the transaction, why should the system take three to four weeks to re-instate a provider’s status?

Our governor’s employees have been given raises, and yet the average health care worker has checks withheld or denied until NC Tracks decides to wave its magic wand to issue payment. With quarterly taxes due July 31, how are workers to meet these demands without income? Do employees of the governor’s office, state officials and NC Tracks workers have to wait for their paychecks? Evidently not. Perhaps they should realize that their salaries are paid by our tax dollars going into the system. This continues to be a nightmare for many providers.

Ariane S. Piercy


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