Burr, Boxer honor women who volunteer for veterans groups

Posted by Renee Schoof on July 17, 2014 

North Carolina's Republican senator, Richard Burr, joined with California Democrat Barbara Boxer to introduce a resolution to honor the contributions of women who volunteer in veterans service organizations.

Women across the country who belong to veterans auxiliary groups have conducted welcome home and send-off events for deployed service members. They also work in their communities, holding food drives, raising money for charity, visiting hospitals, providing scholarships and giving support at veterans facilities, Burr and Boxer said in a news release.

The two senators are co-chairs of the Senate Military Family Caucus.

"Veterans auxiliary groups are at the heart of this nation's quiet and devoted support of veterans in our communities - everything from volunteering countless hours to care for veterans to raising money for those in need - and they should be recognized for their hard work and sacrifices," Burr said in the release. "This resolution is a small gesture in recognition of their service to the nation's veterans."

You can read the text of the Senate resolution here.

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