Steve Church: Losing Dix’s conscience

July 17, 2014 

In reference to the July 15 news article “ Mayor addresses Dix delays”: Raleigh Mayor Nancy McFarlane said that “it would be my preference to be able to have all the land.” Wow. After a statement of entitlement like that, she can no longer deny that she is a mouthpiece for the Dix Visionaries.

Only by extracting all remains of mental health from the premises will the consciences of these honorable, well-meaning advocates be eased at long last.

They want nothing resembling the mentally ill to disrupt their vision or to remind them how a state mental hospital was torn down brick by brick from the neglect, indifference and greed perpetuated by state government, influential donors and the media.

Yes, the visionaries will get their precious park, and all will be right with the world. But the ghosts of past employees and patients who paced up and down the rolling hills of this land will always remind me never to underestimate the stupidity of my fellow man.

Steve Church, Fuquay-Varina

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