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In the news:  For centuries, pigeon fanciers have cultivated a startling variety of colors, feather arrangements, and behaviors, creating more than 350 breeds used in shows for looks and competitions for how fast they fly, how much they tumble in the sky, or how long they can remain airborne.

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Science Blog:  Emily Willingham is co-founder and editor-in-chief of Double X Science (, which focuses on science stories for a female audience. Follow her on Twitter: @ejwillingham. Questions and answers have been edited.

Modified: 02/10/13 08:45:04 PM

Iran claimed last month to have sent a monkey into space. The country previously launched smaller animals into the final frontier, including a rat, worms and two turtles. What do space programs look for in animal astronauts?

Modified: 02/10/13 08:44:29 PM

Deep in a North Carolina marsh, a lone swamp sparrow sits on his perch in the middle of the water. He's singing his usual song. But he's also aggressively flapping one wing, trying to incite a nearby male into action. Onlookers are watching -- just to see what happens.

Modified: 02/04/13 05:25:40 AM

Science Blog:  Liz Heineckeof Edina, Minn., is the creator of The Kitchen Pantry Scientist, a blog that features experiments for children using everyday household items.

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In the news:  They are responsible for sickle cell anemia, which affects one in 12 African Americans, according to the CDC and National Institutes of Health.

Modified: 02/04/13 05:25:41 AM

Nature’s Secrets:  If you lie down at the base of a tree and look up, you will notice that the angulation of the branches is extraordinarily regular. Nature is one big mathematical exercise!

Modified: 01/31/13 06:02:58 PM

Science Q & A:  Q: My family owns a 40-acre woodlot of relatively mature deciduous trees. How many pounds of carbon dioxide does such a forest absorb in a typical year? How many pounds of oxygen are emitted?

Modified: 01/29/13 08:38:02 AM

The complex relationship between native and exotic plants may present a simple lesson for us.

Modified: 01/27/13 08:17:37 PM

In the news:  Recent studies have suggested that crows hide food because they think others will steal it – a complex intuition seen in only a select few creatures. Some critics have suggested that the birds might simply be stressed out, but new research reveals that crows may be gifted after all.

Modified: 01/26/13 05:07:13 PM

Ask a Scientist:  Dr. Aysenil Belger is a professor of psychiatry at UNC-Chapel Hill and an adjunct professor at the Duke-UNC Brain Imaging and Analysis Center. Here she explains the mechanics and applications of neuroimaging. Questions and answers have been edited.

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A few contrarian scientists say the Grand Canyon isn't 6 million years old, but more like 70 million years old.

Modified: 01/21/13 05:12:15 AM

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