Wondering why this man wants to buy the Canes? Here’s your answer.

Chuck Greenberg, who has a term sheet in place to buy the Hurricanes from Peter Karmanos, helped Mario Lemieux save the Pittsburgh Penguins, was the point man on a deal to purchase the Atlanta Hawks, Thrashers and Philips Arena and was briefly the managing partner of the Texas Rangers before focusing on minor-league baseball teams in Frisco and Myrtle Beach.

UNC is losing ground in budget and reputation. Whose fault is that?

The decline in funding at UNC has bipartisan roots, but it is hard to find champions of higher education in today’s Republican ranks that match past Democratic leaders of the NC General Assembly. Nationally, the Pew Research Center found Republican support for college and universities had sharply dropped.

Tillis and Burr duck the public on health care debate

Understandable disincentives against public town halls include safety concerns, disillusioned constituents and publicity risks. However, refusal to engage with constituents weakens our democracy. Perhaps our senators avoid public town halls to protect their interests. But can they truly represent us while refusing to hear our voices?

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How Hot Is It?

Triangle residents describe what the heat really feels like as temperatures hover around 100 with high humidity. It's also a lousy day to be a gummy bear.
Camila Molina and Jeremy Frieling newsobserver.com
How Hot Is It? 0:39

How Hot Is It?

A look back at Sean Spicer's most memorable moments 2:23

A look back at Sean Spicer's most memorable moments

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Want a 31-pound cat?

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Tour the most expensive house for sale in NC