Davis looking for breakout year, as are Tar Heels

Wide receiver Quinshad Davis in many ways embodies the unknowns surrounding North Carolina this season. Davis, like the Tar Heels collectively, is unquestionably talented. But will he be as productive as he is undoubtedly capable of being? Will they?

Save Medicaid from wrong ‘reform’

Since taking control of the General Assembly following the 2010 election, Republicans have been intent on reducing or at least freezing the cost of Medicaid. The federal-state health insurance program serves mostly of children in low-income families plus pregnant women, elderly and disabled people. The federal government pays two-thirds of the cost, and the state pays one-third. Last year, the state’s share was about $3.3 billion.

This week's circulars

Guides from the Raleigh non-profit Piedmont Picnic Project led a two hour walking tour to forage edible wild plants in the area around the Raleigh City Farm on North Blount Street Saturday, August 29, 2015. A dozen local amateur foragers learned three ways to forage in an urban environment: finding edible wild plants in public spaces, borrowing excess edible plants from neighbors and planting your own wild foods at home.