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  • As fracking looms, NC officials worry about road damage

    NC Department of Transportation officials are trying to assess how the state's rural roads will be affected by thousands of truckloads of chemicals, water, sand and mechanical equipment associated with hydraulic fracturing or fracking.

  • Venerable Durham Arts Council celebrates 60 years amid buzz of new scene

    The Durham Arts Council, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and promoting performance and visual arts in Durham and the Triangle region, celebrated its 60th anniversary on Sunday with cake and marshmallows dipped in chocolate.

  • UNC players spray-painted Duke locker room after Thursday win

    The winner of the Duke-North Carolina football game has traditionally spray-painted the Victory Bell either dark or light blue immediately after the game. Thursday, though, the Tar Heels were over-exuberant in their celebration, causing damage to... 39 minutes ago


Duke alum’s book examines life as ever-shifting, interrelated array of atoms

In "Your Atomic Self," Duke University alumnus Curt Stager discusses atoms - such as ...

East Carolina tailgating | 11.22.14

Photos from the tailgate parties before the East Carolina/Tulane football game in Greenville.