Obama to nominate Marine general as Joint Chiefs chairman

President Barack Obama will nominate Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford Jr. as the next chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, choosing a widely respected, combat-hardened commander who led the Afghanistan war coalition during a key transitional period during 2013-2014, U.S. officials said.

North Carolina

Feds keep NC store owner’s money

Under mounting pressure, the Internal Revenue Service and the Justice Department have announced in recent months that they will no longer use a law designed to go after drug dealers and terrorists to seize the bank accounts of small business owners who are not suspected of criminal activity.


UNC’s Anson Dorrance leads thrice-weekly soccer scrimmages

It’s a thrice-weekly soccer scrimmage of Tar Heels coaches, former players and skilled locals. The games, held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, are informal but competitive. They are played at the field house, Hooker Fields or Finley Fields, depending on the weather and number of players. They have been a midday soccer staple for the last 10 years, said Chris Rich, one of Noon Ball’s primary organizers.

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Wake Ed

Historical look at Wake County’s magnet school applications

For the 2015-16 school year, Wake County placed 49.3 percent of the 5,531 applicants into magnet schools and 41.7 percent of the 1,006 people who requested the application schools such as the early colleges. Wake also placed 55.9 percent of the 2,204 applications to year-round schools at 47.5 percent of the 1,522 traditional-calendar applicants.


Triangle summer camps rely on donations to help kids

Thousands of children in the Triangle will attend some kind of summer camp this year with the fees paid in part or in full by donations. Thousands more will miss out because camp organizers can’t raise enough money, or because families can’t afford the transportation needed to get their children to the camps.

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