Wake County looks to regulate animals in classrooms

Wake County school administrators are proposing new regulations on the ways live animals can be brought to schools as classroom pets and for instructional purposes. Administrators say the new policy is needed because of the concerns about allergies and other health issues that students and staff might encounter when these animals are brought to school.

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2016 campaign kickoffs will blend pageantry with calculation

For the next several weeks, presidential candidacy announcements will come one after another. They will take place in carefully chosen spots the candidates say reflect their values and backgrounds. For example, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas chose to make his entry into the 2016 race at Liberty University, a Christian school in the swing state of Virginia. Do the venues matter?

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One found dead after Poole Road blaze

Raleigh police and fire investigators were trying to determine the identify of a person was who was found dead after an intense fire at what was thought to be an abandoned house on Poole Road on Wednesday morning.

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