St. Aug’s hurdler copes with murder of mother

Shamia Lassiter is a senior on the St. Augustine’s University track team and one of the stars for the Lady Falcons. But there was a time when she was not sure she would be in school this spring, much less competing. Just a few days before last Christmas, Linda Lassiter was killed. She and her boyfriend, Wayne Davis, were shot in a car in Portsmouth, Va., in what police ruled a double homicide.

HB2: Who did this to us? We did – Gov. Jim Martin

The federal courts could overrule HB2, depending frankly on which set of judges hears it on appeal. By the time it reaches the Supreme Court, it may again depend on the presidential winner. The saner course would be for the General Assembly to take up the issue, which it has effectively tabled, conduct thoughtful hearings, and work out a reasonable balance of interests. Let reason and fairness prevail.

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