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Gas tax ‘cut’ will boost NCDOT revenues by $400 million

House and Senate leaders announced a deal Thursday will gradually cut a few pennies off the state gas and diesel fuel tax over the next two years – starting next week – and cancel a much more substantial cut that would have cost the state Department of Transportation hundreds of jobs and more than $400 million in revenues.


Wake County making safety upgrades to school buses

Wake County is retrofitting all its school buses with a new lighting system to give increased notice when they’re stopping to pick up and drop students. Some buses got exterior cameras mounted on their stop arms to catch motorists who pass them illegally. Other buses got interior cameras to monitor student behavior.


Alone at controls, co-pilot sought to destroy plane, prosecutor says

The co-pilot of the doomed Germanwings flight locked himself in the cockpit and, with apparent cool precision, deliberately slammed into snow-capped mountains, French prosecutor Brice Robin says, in a stunning twist to a tragedy that killed all 150 people aboard. “People who commit suicide usually do so alone ... I don’t call it a suicide,” Robin says.


Gas-explosion suspected in Manhattan fire

An apartment building collapses in a fiery burst of rubble, and flames spread to two nearby buildings, injuring at least a dozen people and scattering debris across surrounding streets in the heart of Manhattan’s trendy East Village.

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Under the Dome

NC bill delaying new school grading scale to get quick hearing

House Bill 358, which would give a two-year reprieve before a tougher standard is used for evaluating North Carolina’s public schools under the state’s A-F letter grading system, was referred Thursday to the Education Committee. It’s expected to win quick approval there as all three committee chairs are among the bill’s primary sponsors.

Luke DeCock

ACC history being made where there was none

It’s still strange to think this is an ACC game in an ACC city, with NC State and Louisville playing a regional semifinal in Syracuse, only the fourth time ACC teams have met in the NCAA tournament, but that’s the conference in 2015.

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