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Under the Dome

Undercover video plays into ‘ag-gag’ debate

As NC legislators appear likely to approve a bill that they stress is not about “ag-gag” – the term for muzzling undercover investigations of farm animal abuse – an advocacy group has released a video purporting to show chickens being mistreated at a processing plant in Robeson County.

Arts & Culture

RLT delivers bold, entertaining ‘Hedwig’

Raleigh Little Theatre has recently been offering shows with adult content to attract audiences beyond those for traditional community theater fare. The edgy glam-rock musical “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” is the company’s boldest effort yet, with early sellouts and an extended run confirming such shows will sell.


Rex Hospital risked loss of federal funds over treatment of violent patient

In the fallout from treating one the most violent patients in Rex Hospital’s history, the Raleigh hospital was recently threatened with loss of millions of dollars in federal funding after investigators found that staff kept the patient immobilized in restraints for extended periods and subdued him with a Taser stun gun on two separate occasions.

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