More than 90 Wake County schools are closed for transfer requests

The Wake County school system’s “hardship transfer period,” that runs until May 16, is the last time that families of current students can request a different school assignment for the 2016-17 school year. But 92 of Wake’s 171 schools are closed for transfer requests unless parents can show a compelling enough reason that their children should be let in.

Hockey finding its place in NC sports hall

Eric “Sleepy” Floyd, seated next to Rod Brind’Amour at a Thursday press conference for the N.C. Sports Hall of Fame, joked that the “hockey guy” to his right had given him an elbow in the ribs.

HB2: Who did this to us? We did – Gov. Jim Martin

The federal courts could overrule HB2, depending frankly on which set of judges hears it on appeal. By the time it reaches the Supreme Court, it may again depend on the presidential winner. The saner course would be for the General Assembly to take up the issue, which it has effectively tabled, conduct thoughtful hearings, and work out a reasonable balance of interests. Let reason and fairness prevail.

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