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  • NC House bill would let drivers cross yellow lines to pass slowpokes

    Citing the frustrations of drivers who get stuck behind bicycles, mopeds and garbage trucks traveling far below the speed limit, North Carolina House members debated a proposal to let motorists drive around the slowpokes, even in no-passing zones...

  • Motorists found Wilson gold heist guards in handcuffs along I-95

    Two motorists on Interstate 95 near Wilson phoned 911 early Sunday evening to report two uniformed men with their hands tied behind their backs walking in the rain, trying to flag someone down. What they didn’t know at first is that the men were ... 2 hours ago


State taxes done? Want to talk about it? Let us know

The News & Observer is reporting on how the overhaul of the state income tax system that went into effect in 2014 is affecting individual taxpayers. It is most apparent after you file your state income taxes this year. We’re interested in talking to taxpayers who have completed their state income tax forms and are willing to discuss it.