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NC school board member disputes ‘school-to-prison pipeline’

Wake County school board member Jim Martin says “there is not a school-to-prison pipeline” but a “poverty-to-prison pipeline.” The Education Justice Alliance disagrees, telling Martin that school board members must “acknowledge” the role school policies play in helping send students to prison.

North Carolina

UNC Tar Heels look ahead to 2015-16 season

The Tar Heels began the season ranked among the top six teams in the nation, and they ended it in a regional semifinal for the first time in three years. In between there was no shortage of injuries, inconsistency, second-half collapses and finally, a March renaissance of sorts.

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Tension over Raleigh growth shows up in citizen councils

Tempers are flaring and relationships fraying as the city grapples with a new wave of development. Now the city’s 19 citizen councils have become flashpoints in debates about everything from gentrification to suburban development, prompting calls for change in a system that links Raleigh’s government and constituents.

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