Rex Hospital risked loss of federal funds over treatment of violent patient

In the fallout from treating one the most violent patients in Rex Hospital’s history, the Raleigh hospital was recently threatened with loss of millions of dollars in federal funding. Investigators found that hospital staff kept the patient immobilized in restraints for extended periods and subdued him with a Taser stun gun on two separate occasions.

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Al-Jazeera America, in turmoil, ousts chief

The decision to remove Ehab Al Shihabi from the chief executive position appears to have been a sudden one. He conducted a regular meeting with senior executive producers at 11 a.m. on Wednesday in which he gave no hint of personnel changes, according to an employee who was present but spoke on the condition of anonymity. Newsroom members said the announcement of his ouster, which came in a companywide email sent Wednesday afternoon, caught them off guard.

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