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UNC, Nike to unveil new look

North Carolina in a series of videos posted to its athletic department YouTube account has been teasing to this for about a week now: the unveiling of an updated look for its logos and uniforms.

Wake Ed

New book looks at Wake County student assignment politics

“The End of Consensus: Diversity, Neighborhoods, and the Politics of Public School Assignments” by N.C. State professors Toby Parcel and Andrew J. Taylor looks at the ways diversity and neighborhood schools have influenced school assignment policies in Wake County, particularly during 2000-2012. The authors say some pieces of conventional wisdom about Wake’s diversity efforts are wrong.


Q&A on Wake schools budget

The public will have its first chance this week to comment officially on a Wake County school budget proposal that includes a request for $48.3 million more in local funding. Here are some questions and answers about the budget proposal.

State Politics

House OKs partisan judicial vote

The state House passed a bill Monday that would put party labels on appellate court candidates. House Bill 8 would reverse a law that has made state Supreme Court and Appeals Court elections nonpartisan since 2004. It passed the House, 69-48 and now goes to the Senate for consideration.

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