70 years after Hiroshima, world marching toward the unthinkable

Clay Whitehead and Neil Offen: The Obama administration supports replacing 100 nuclear bombers ($550 million each) and 12 nuclear submarines ($6.6 billion per vessel) with 16 nuclear warheads, over the next three decades transferring about $1 trillion from the American people to the nuclear arms industry.

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Listen to Myrick Howard as he talks about the Heck-Andrews House at 309 North Blount Street in downtown Raleigh. The State of North Carolina recently restored the outside of the Second Empire-style three story mansion built by industrialist Jonathan McGee Heck. The interior, however, is in a deteriorated state with crumbling plaster, fallen ceilings and a collapsing kitchen floor. The State of North Carolina is not sure if it wants to spend the money to restore the interior. Video by Richard Stradling/rstradling@newsobserver.com Photos by Harry Lynch/hlynch@newsobserver.com