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04/15/2014 2:12 PM

04/16/2014 12:23 PM

Besides the similarities that voters and newspaper readers share - both groups are more affluent than the general population, for example - the two groups intersect: 75 percent of voters read newspapers and, in the Greater Triangle, 2 out of 3 News & Observer readers are registered to vote.

Additionally, studies find that half of voters have some indecision in the week before an election, and that in any given election 40 percent of the electorate is up for grabs.

The facts above and The N&O's reach in North Carolina make The News & Observer's advertising products essential campaign tools.

We offer many advertising options. In addition to run-of-press advertising in The N&O and our ten community newspapers, our Front-Page Ad Notes and Polybags put you on the very front of the newspaper. Or, target your advertising down to the precinct level with our Direct Marketing programs.

Extend your reach at a low cost to hundreds of thousands of additional online readers with the Triangle Online Network (.pdf), a powerful network of 16 News & Observer sites and more than 75 Yahoo! sites and our advanced audience targeting options that uses 80,000+ sites.

Our demographic research about election advertising is wide and deep, but the bottom line is that is that by using our papers and sites, your message reaches 645,900 adults in the Raleigh-Durham DMA over the course of the week.

To capture the vote through The N&O, contact:
Angela Joines, Senior Political Advertising Specialist
(919) 906-7749 or angela.joines@newsobserver.com
Shelley Bewley, Digital Media Specialist
(919) 836-5640 or shelley.bewley@newsobserver.com

For advertising rates click here:
The News & Observer/ Community Papers Political and Advocacy Rates

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