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The newsobserver.com network, which includes the Web sites of The News & Observer and its community newspapers, and our community sites, is your solution to online advertising in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill Triangle and the surrounding area.

Average monthly network traffic:

  • 23.5 Million page views
  • 2.1 million unique visitors
- Omniture Site Catalyst, January-December 2011

Newsobserver.com readers are affluent and well-educated*:

  • Average Age: 43.1
  • Average Household Income: $88,114
  • Average Home Value: $265,848
  • Attended College: 85%
  • Own Home: 76%
  • Children Under 18 at Home: 42%
- Scarborough Research, Raleigh-Durham DMA, October 2010-September 2011
*Read newsobserver.com or triangle.com in the past 30 days.

The newsobserver.com network includes:

Newsobserver.com and our community newspaper sites:

Triangle.com , our local recreation and entertainment website that provides readers with information about events and interesting people in the community.

With award-winning local content from The News & Observer and our community newspapers, coupled with national and worldwide coverage from the McClatchy Washington Bureau and other partners, our network features in-depth news, comprehensive classified listings and current events and entertainment information. The site is also made up of specific information channels (i.e., business, lifestyles, sports, employment, autos, real estate, etc.), so that visitors can easily access local online marketplaces, and advertisers can effectively reach these readers.

Our newest content includes multimedia presentations with audio, video, flash interactivity, reader comments, Web votes and more. Sponsorships for this new content are available.

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