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August 13, 2009

Rich Media Advertising

Note: Headings below link to fliers with advertising rates and contact information in .pdf format, which requires appropriate software to view. To download free Adobe Reader software, click here.


Stand out! Rich Media ads provide extra graphic elements and animation that will make your ad jump off the page.

Appear in a premium position on our most-trafficked section fronts with these:

Corner Peels
The corner peel ad is a floating ad anchored to the corner of the page (watch a demo). The peel opens when the user mouses over, and closes either when they move their mouse or click a link to close it.

The full peeled graphic is 800 pixels wide and 550 pixels tall. The teaser graphic is 100 pixels wide and 125 pixels tall. On both the teaser and peeled graphics, half the ad area is used for the ad message.

Corner Peels are available on the home page and all section fronts.

Sliding Billboards
This large banner pushes the page contents down from the navigation bar (watch a demo). It starts in the fully expanded state and can be replayed by clicking on the button (972 pixels wide and 30 pixels deep) at the top of the page. The full sliding billboard graphic is 972 pixels wide and 500 pixels deep.

Sliding Billboards are available on the home page and all section fronts.

Expanding Billboards
An expanding billboard grows to cover the page content when the user holds their mouse over the ad (watch a demo).

Expanding billboards are available with impression campaigns.

Floorboards are like small billboards that adhere to the bottom of the browser window and remain open until the user clicks the close button, which closes the floorboard panel, leaving the pencil behind (watch a demo). The full expanded Floorboard is 960x110px. When closed a pencil (960x30) remains. The user can re-expand the Floorboard but they cannot close the pencil.

Floorboards are available on the Home Page and all story pages

In this ad, a 200x200-pixel floating element will "fly" across the page, pausing no more than one second over content (watch a demo). The element must be linked to an in-page banner and fly out of or into the in-page unit. It appears automatically, and can be set to reappear for the user via a link in the ad.

Floating ads are available on section fronts and with impression campaigns.

You can embed a video in a 300x250-pixel ad that will play automatically (watch a demo). The audio starts muted and the user must opt to hear the audio.

Video files accepted are .flv, .mov (preferred), mpg/mpeg/mp2.

Video ads are available on section fronts and with impression campaigns.

Video Takeover
Page goes gray and the video takes up to 85% of the screen and plays in the middle of the screen (watch a demo).

Video player is 576x324 pixels. One video per user per 24 hours.

Video format: .flv.

Video takeover ads are available with impression campaigns.

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