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August 13, 2009

Ad Enhancements

Enhancements are effective tools to attract more buyers to your classified listings.


Icons are one of our most popular types of listings enhancements. Icons are small images that are designed to call attention to a particular feature of your advertisement, enticing more buyers to call you to learn more.
(Sample to the right is our most popular icon - NEW TODAY it runs throughout all classifications, one time, on the FIRST day of publication.)
View List of Icons (.pdf file)

Shading helps classified listings stand out on the newspaper page. We offer three different shading options: yellow, blue and, when color is not available, gray. Shading may be purchased on its own or in combination with other enhancements.

Including your company logo in your listing not only makes it easy for readers to know who to contact, it also helps you establish brand recognition for your company.
  • Logo must be a least five lines deep.
  • Logo must be black and white (no gray) and camera ready. This ensures the best quality reproduction.
  • Logo must appear at the beginning of the listing.

Line Ads
Line ads are plain text in a single column. As many as the first four words can be bold type. All other text runs at a set standard font and size. Ads are listed alphabetically by class. Shaded background and attention-getting icons are available at an additional charge.

Partial Border Ads (NECS ads)
Partial border ads, like line ads, are one-column wide, but with extra space at the top and bottom of the ad. Adjust the margins as you like, use bold or italicized type, or add a shaded background (system assigns gray, yellow or blue) and logos. You can also attach any of the attention-getting icons. NECS ads are alphabetically listed by class, based on the first typed word of the ad.
(Sample shows logo and background shading.)

Border Ads
Border ads are similar to Partial Border ads, but have a complete box around them and these ads can be from one to 10 columns wide. Ad depth must greater than or equal to the ad width. For example, you may have a 3x4, but not a 4x3. Border ads cannot have a colored background, logo or any of the icons. These ads are not listed in-column alphabetically. Any ad with a border is listed after the in-column ads. They are most often near the bottom of the page.
(Sample shown.)

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