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The technology company, which has a large presence in RTP, benefited from price cuts and an increase in Internet traffic.

Modified: 02/13/13 06:35:34 PM

The FCC wants to build public Wi-Fi networks across the nation to make the Internet more accessible, but technology giants are split over the plan.

Modified: 02/12/13 07:44:13 AM

Medical researchers from N.C. State University and Wake Forest University say they are perfecting methods for generating human organs from tissue culture. North Carolina could emerge as a national center for organ manufacturing, speakers at the Emerging Issues Forum in Raleigh said.

Modified: 02/12/13 01:53:00 AM
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Warning that American companies are the target of an intensive cyber-espionage campaign, President Barack Obama's top security officials on Wednesday said they are struggling to defend the nation from attacks on its private computer networks and called on Congress to pass legislation that would close regulatory gaps.

Modified: 02/13/13 02:44:49 PM

In late October, researchers at North Carolina State University alerted Google to a security flaw that could let scam artists send phony text messages to Android phones -- a practice called "smishing" that can ensnare consumers in fraud.

Modified: 02/10/13 03:15:00 PM

Computers:  Like Apple's virtual assistant Siri, Google Now can talk to you (assuming you have a properly equipped Android smartphone), and it can do what you ask, such as sending emails or looking things up for you.

Modified: 02/10/13 03:15:42 PM

An entrepreneur with close ties to Wichita State University has developed an iPhone application that researchers say could revolutionize how a key symptom of concussions can be quickly and accurately detected within minutes.

Modified: 02/11/13 05:14:11 AM

Technology and automation are making manufacturing work more efficient. North Carolina’s community colleges train and retrain tens of thousands of manufacturing workers at state expense to keep them from becoming obsolete.

Modified: 02/10/13 09:18:52 PM

“Bend, Not Break” is the story of Ping Fu, whose life spanned great cultural transformations in her native China and economic transformations in her adopted home of the U.S.

Modified: 02/10/13 05:41:58 AM

Dell’s effort to go private could lead to a proxy war.

Modified: 02/09/13 02:15:46 AM

In an encouraging sign for the economy, the U.S. trade deficit fell sharply in December as exports grew.

Modified: 02/08/13 06:13:47 PM

Shareholder anger over Apple's recent stock swoon has finally spilled into public view. Now, a shareholder lawsuit filed Thursday promises to set up a dramatic showdown later this month at Apple's annual shareholder meeting.

Modified: 02/07/13 03:36:45 PM

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