© MCT 2013 Source: Fort Worth Star-Telegram reporting, MCT, Dallas Morning News, General Motors, The Sixth Floor Museum, CNN, Popular Mechanics, Car and Driver, Henry Ford Museum, Library of Congress, Boeing Graphic: Steve Wilson, Fort Worth Star-Telegram; Michael Hogue, Dallas Morning News; Robert Dorrell, MCT
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The presidential motorcade
President John F. Kennedy’s motorcade was comprised of more than a dozen cars, along with police motorcycle escorts, as it made its way through downtown Dallas Nov. 22, 1963. Among the passengers were area dignitaries, representatives and members of the press. Above are a few of the key vehicles.
JFK The motorcade
Kennedy’s presidential limousine, a modified 1961 Lincoln Continental, had few safety features compared with its modern counterpart.
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Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry
Presidential limousines
Secret Service agent Winston G. Lawson
Secret Service agent Forrest Sorrels
The lead car
Dallas County Sheriff Bill Decker
An unmarked white four-door Ford
Nellie Connally
A modified 1961 Lincoln Continental convertible
Texas Gov. John B. Connally
Secret Service agent Bill Greer
Secret Service agent Roy Kellerman
PresidentJohn F. Kennedy
The presidential limousine
First lady Jacqueline Kennedy
Secret Service agent Paul Landis
Secret Service agent Emory Roberts
Secret Service agent Bill McIntyre
The presidential follow-up car
A black convertible, code named “Halfback”
Secret Service agent Clint Hill
Secret Service agent John Ready
Kenny O’’Donnell, presidential aide
David Powers, presidential aide
Secret Service agent Glen Bennett
Secret Service agent George Hickey
Secret Service agent Sam Kinney
The vice presidential limousine
Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson
A steel gray convertible
U.S. Sen. Ralph Yarborough
Lady Bird Johnson
Hurchel Jacks, Texas Department of Public Safety
Secret Service agent Rufus Youngblood
Secret Service agent Lem Johns
The vice presidential follow-up car
Unidentified Texas state trooper
A yellow hardtop four-door Ford
Cliff Carter, vice presidential aide
Secret Service agent Woody Taylor
Secret Service agent Jerry Kivett
Unidentified telephone company employee
Merriman Smith, United Press International
Press pool car
Malcolm Kilduff, asst. press secretary to the president
A 1960 Chevrolet sedan
Bob Clark, ABC News
Jack Bell, Associated Press
Robert Baskin, The Dallas Morning News
Presidential limo, 1963
Removable and interchangeable roof panels Six-piece clear plastic for visibility or two-piece metal for privacy
Presidential standard flown when president is on board
The Kennedy limousine, a modified 1961 Lincoln Continental, had virtually no safety features.
Hydraulic rear seat Raised 10.5 in. (27 cm) so crowds could view the president
Later upgrades included armor protection, a non-removable hardtop and bulletproof glass; President Lyndon B. Johnson used the revamped car, and it remained in White House service until the first year of the Carter administration in 1977
Red lights, siren, integrated into the front grille; security floodlights mounted near the windshield
Trunk lid grab handles Added in 1963 for Secret Service
Sliding glass partition Electronically operated glass panel could seal off the presidential compartment
Presidential limo, 2013
TiresRun-flat design; Kevlar-reinforced; puncture resistant
Armor-plated doors are 8 in. (20 cm) thick; doors weigh as much as cabin door on Boeing 757
President Barack Obama’s modern limo, called “the Beast,” is a mix of car, truck and tank. It is full of features that auto experts speculate about, but that the Secret Service refuses to discuss.
Bulletproof protectionOn the Beast, top layers slow bullet, inside layer captures fragments
Camera Night-vision camera sends a signal to interior
Gas tank Foam-lined to prevent explosions, even if impacted
Blood supply The president’s type is thought to be kept in trunk
Interior Can carry seven: two in front, five in rear area
Emergency gear Firefighting canisters, oxygen tanks also in trunk
Shotguns in door compartments