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September 10, 2009

News & Observer

215 S. McDowell St
Raleigh, NC 27601

Mission Statement

Values: The News & Observer, while newly created each day, is built on a set of unchanging beliefs.

  • As a news organization, we value accuracy, fairness and freedom of speech.
  • As a staff, we value excellence, creativity, innovation and diversity.
  • As a company, we value our employees, our readers and our customers.
  • And as part of this community, we believe it is a privilege to participate in a unique daily exchange that strives for those enduring standards.

Our commitment to diversity: The News & Observer Publishing Company is committed to building, fostering and maintaining a diverse workplace that strengthens an appreciation, respect and understanding of our differences. Our goal is to create an atmosphere of acceptance that allows our collective values to reflect our community and strengthen our company and our products.

The Paper

A company with deep roots in the Triangle, The News & Observer Publishing Co. publishes not only The News & Observer, one of the nation’s best regional newspapers, but also four weekly or bi-weekly newspapers offering community coverage in Chapel Hill, Cary, Johnston County and eastern Wake County. The company launched nando.net, one of the nation’s first internet service providers, in 1994, and today is home to both newsobserver.com and triangle.com, the region’s leading websites. It is one of the region’s major employers, with more than 1,200 full-time and part-time workers and a carrier force of about 750 independent contractors.

In addition to its newspaper and interactive publishing ventures, the company owns a recycling business that collects and recycles the equivalent of half of its total newsprint consumption. The recycling operation was founded in 1991 and now operates at 327 locations in 19 counties.

The company offers comprehensive advertising services — display and classified advertising in the daily and community papers, market research and creative design, direct marketing, online programs, preprinted inserts and total market coverage.

Through its foundation and public service advertising sponsorships, the company supports numerous community nonprofit organizations and arts groups. Its signature event, Kids Day, is devoted to raising money for children’s health care and awareness about children’s health issues.

The News & Observer’s award-winning Newspapers in Education program provides classroom papers and educational resources to students and teachers across the region.

The paper won journalism’s highest honor, the Pulitzer Gold Medal for Public Service, for its 1995 reports on the effect of large-scale commercial hog farming on the region’s economy and environment.

The News & Observer Publishing Co. is owned by The McClatchy Co., one of the nation’s leading media companies, headquartered in Sacramento, Calif.

Key Executives

Publisher: Orage Quarles III (919) 829-4659

SVP and Executive Editor: John Drescher (919) 829-4515

SVP of Operations and Strategic Planning: Richard Rinehart (919) 829-4782

VP of Advertising: Gary Smith (919) 836-5680

VP of Circulation: Jim Puryear (919) 829-4727

VP of Display Advertising: Jim McClure (919) 836-2822

VP of Human Resources: Liz Mark (919) 829-4771

VP of Finance: Caroline Willingham (919) 829-4849

Marketing Data

Distinction: The leading newspaper and online site in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill

Market: The Greater Triangle offers more of all the things you look for in a community. 2011 population: 1,534,817 (up 41% from 2000). 2010 median household income: $59,493 (up 19% since 2000).

Circulation Area: Five North Carolina counties; delivery is primarily Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, and outlying communities in Wake, Johnston, Durham, Orange and Chatham counties.

Print Readership:324,709 daily (M-Sa); 549,651 Sunday

Circulation: 122,536 daily (M-Sa); 181,635 Sunday (as of 9/23/2012)

Website: www.newsobserver.com

Average Monthly Page Views/Unique Visitors:

• 15 million page views

• 2.2 million unique visitors

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