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July 24, 2014

Family Picks: The blueberry patch is calling

Commit to some dedicated family time this weekend – maybe by reading new library books together, visiting a blueberry patch or participating in field day activities.

On any given day, we have quite a stack of library books at our house. Occasionally we lose track of one and pay a fine, but it’s nothing compared to the benefits of having such a wealth of reading material at our kids’ disposal. Plus it’s something we all do together – and we get excited when we find a new book. So whether it’s by reading a story for the first time or by going to a blueberry patch together, maybe this upcoming weekend is a good one to spend some dedicated time as a family.

• For parents of pre-K kids, library story times are the best. They’re great places to meet other families or get turned on to new children’s books. For those of you who are home with your kids, they can give needed structure to that limbo period between meals – good for you and the little ones. If you haven’t taken your kids to a story time yet, go! Check your local library, as times and themes vary.
• Take the kids to a blueberry patch and let them pick their own. Many of these places’ berries are cheaper and tastier than store-bought, and the season typically lasts until late July or mid-August – meaning now is the time. If you don’t already have a favorite pick-your-own blueberry farm, use’s search option to find the one nearest you.
• On Saturday there’s a family field day at Marbles Kids Museum in Raleigh. From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. there will be a variety of events – from parachute games to leaky-bucket races to Richard Simmons-style workouts – held throughout the museum. There’s a full schedule at, and museum admission is $5.
• Speaking of libraries, Huck’s Lost Mine makes a stop at the Chatham Community Library in Pittsboro Thursday. At this traveling gem mine, kids get bags of dirt and sift for shiny rocks. Space is limited at this free event, so call 919-545-8085 to register for either the 3 p.m. or 4 p.m. time slot. See for more info.

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