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Writer Martin McDonagh's themes include the strong bonds of family, the hidden damage of child abuse, and the separation of truth from fiction.

Modified: 02/11/13 08:19:49 PM

Asides:  Two artists share the bill for this month’s exhibit at the Clayton Center.

Modified: 02/08/13 06:50:52 PM

With “Rhapsody in Blue” and “December Songs,” Carolina Ballet offers a program that would be good for a ballet novice to see.

Modified: 02/09/13 05:08:17 AM

TheaterPicks:  The Cary Players production of ‘The Miracle Worker’ finishes its run.

Modified: 02/08/13 11:09:08 AM

Theater Review:  This year, PlayMakers' annual theatrical doubleheader pairs 'A Raisin in the Sun' and 'Clybourne Park,' interrelated hits written 50 years apart.

Modified: 02/05/13 04:11:07 AM

Using a syringe, Alistair McClymont carefully squeezed a single drop of water into the channeled air currents blowing upward. The drop wavered a bit at first, wobbling from side to side on the verge of blowing apart. But it gradually reconstituted, hovering within the miniature wind tunnel of McClymont's "A Raindrop."

Modified: 02/03/13 09:16:02 AM

Jonathan Daniel was born into cruelty and poverty in Africa. Today he’s among the region’s best-known artists.

Modified: 02/01/13 03:23:05 PM

Asides:  Carolina Ballet launches its spring slate with a dances by Lynne Taylor-Corbett and company member Zalman Raffael.

Modified: 02/01/13 03:59:59 PM

Find arts and entertainment events in Raleigh scheduled for the first Friday of the month.

Modified: 02/01/13 09:17:24 AM

Playmakers alternates between a Tony-nominated classic and a Pulitzer Prize-winning work.

Modified: 02/01/13 04:17:25 AM

Asides:  C.P. Taylor’s Holocaust drama, “Good,” opens Thursday at Burning Coal Company.

Modified: 01/26/13 06:58:15 AM

Just look for two dozen street poles wearing new hand knit sweaters. They're the subjects, or victims, of a "yarnbombing," one of the tidiest forms of street art ever.

Modified: 01/27/13 06:15:52 AM

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