Chapel Hill musician hopes to bring Papa Charlie back

01/30/2014 3:53 PM

01/30/2014 3:54 PM

Chances are you’ve never heard of Papa Charlie Jackson, but Chapel Hill musician Cary Moskovitz aims to change that. Jackson was one of the earliest Piedmont bluesmen, emerging 90 years ago with an act steeped in the world of vaudeville shows he came out of, and he left behind a good-sized catalog of nearly 100 songs recorded for the Paramount label. But he’s been largely forgotten today, even though he was influential in his day.

Moskovitz is putting together a two-disc Papa Charlie tribute album, consisting of one disc of newly recorded covers and another of Jackson’s originals. Moskovitz is doing the obligatory crowd-funding campaign through Kickstarter, and he’s almost-but-not-quite up to his fundraising goal of $8,500 with three days to go. So take a look, take a listen and chip in if you are so moved.

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