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September 19, 2013

‘I Wonder Where You Are Tonight’ is day 9 of ‘Bluegrass for Beginners’

“I Wonder Where You Are Tonight,” as performed by the pedigree-rich Jim and Jesse McReynolds, is our ninth of 12 songs in pre-IBMA “Bluegrass for Beginners” survey.

“I Wonder Where You Are Tonight” stands as the ninth of 12 selections in our pre-IBMA “Bluegrass for Beginners.” It’s one of the style’s great missing-you songs, penned by Johnny Bond in 1941 and ably performed here by Jim and Jesse McReynolds (whose grandfather, Charles McReynolds, was among the acts who recorded at the fabled 1927 Bristol sessions that originated country music) in the depths of the wide-lapel era. 1976, we hardly knew ye.

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