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November 6, 2013

What to Watch on Thursday: Amber breaks her mother’s heart on ‘Parenthood’ (probably)

I’m 99 percent sure that Amber and Ryan are already married and that Amber is going to break her mother’s heart on “Parenthood.”

Parenthood (10pm, NBC) - Kristina tells Amber a story about her relationship with Adam, and Drew develops a crush on his new classmate. Also, Julia gets more attention from (so very married) Ed, Zeek spends time home alone and Max finds some old photographs of Hank and Sarah. And finally, I'm 99 percent sure that Amber is already married to Ryan and is going to break her mother's heart.

Also on . . .

Glee (9pm, Fox) - In the first show back after the Cory Monteith tribute, the glee kids are tasked to figure out if they're more like Katy Perry or Lady Gaga. Meanwhile, Kurt holds auditions for his new band and isn't sure what to do with a particularly audacious performer, played by Adam Lambert.

The Crazy Ones (9pm, CBS) - Sydney's enamored ex-coworker writes a song about her, and it has an alarming stalker vibe to it. Meanwhile, Simon has difficulty coming up with a pitch to promote Australian tourism because that locale brings back memories of his last drinking spree.

The Michael J. Fox Show (9:30pm, NBC) - Mike interviews New Jersey governor Chris Christie for an important assignment at work. Also, Leigh moves in with Mike's family after bedbugs invade her home, and Eve regrets playing a prank on Ian.

Elementary (10pm, CBS) - Sherlock's brother, Mycroft, arrives in New York and asks Holmes and Watson to help him solve a case involving his former fiancé. Sherlock agrees to help but finds it difficult to accept Mycroft's close relationship with Joan.

Scandal (10pm, ABC) - Olivia's team continue working with Josie, whom Cyrus and Mellie scheme to take down. Meanwhile, Harrison's loyalty are tested and Olivia has to make a crucial choice that will impact all of her White House relationships.

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