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January 10, 2014

What to Watch on Friday: Sweetly funny ‘Enlisted’ debuts on Fox

“Enlisted,” an endearingly funny new sitcom about three brothers all assigned to a Florida Army base, debuts on Fox, right after an episode of “Raising Hope” that guest stars Amy Sedaris.

Enlisted (9:30pm, Fox) - An endearingly funny new sitcom about three brothers all assigned to a Florida Army base. Geoff Stults (“The Finder”) plays the “super soldier” exiled to the Rear Detachment base after punching his commanding officer in Afghanistan. Chris Lowell (“Private Practice) is the more aloof, sarcastic brother, who doesn’t take soldiering seriously and sleepwalks through his duties. Parker Young (“Suburgatory”) is the golden retriever of the bunch – sweet and eager, but not the sharpest bayonet in the military’s arsenal. Tonight’s first episode shows Pete (Stults) getting shipped back to the States and how he adjusts to his new duties: whipping a rag-tag group of misfit soldiers into shape. And bonding with his little bros, of course. “Enlisted” is sweet and funny (Young especially is a riot here) but the 9:30 Friday timeslot isn’t good news.

Also on tonight . . .

The Neighbors (8:30pm, ABC) - The Bird-Kersees are mugged and begin to worry about the dangers of living on Earth, so the Weavers try to teach them how to protect themselves, which results in Larry building panic room -- in Debbie and Marty’s bedroom.

Raising Hope (9pm, Fox) - Maw Maw calls a wrong number that brings Virginia’s cousin Delilah ( Amy Sedaris) to town, but the nonstop tension between the two rivals prompts a threat from Maw Maw to give everything in her will to the most well-behaved granddaughter.

Grimm (9pm, NBC) - Hank’s physical therapist and her brother become caught up in an investigation of a gang-related homicide.

Live from Lincoln Center: Richard Tucker at 100 (9pm, UNC-TV) - A celebration of legendary tenor Richard Tucker’s centenary, featuring performances by Stephanie Blythe, Stephen Costello, Renee Fleming and others.

Helix (10pm, Syfy) -- A team of scientists are thrust into a potentially life-or-death situation in this new thriller, which begins with the group being deployed to the Arctiv to secretly investigate what could be a disease outbreak.

Blue Bloods (10pm, CBS) - Nicky tells her family about a dangerous new type of heroin people are using, so Danny goes after the distributor while Frank works on removing this drug from his streets.

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