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June 6, 2014

What to Watch on Friday: D-Day specials on NBC and the History Channel

Brian Williams interviews World War II veterans for a “Journey to Normandy” special on NBC, while “D-Day in HD” kicks off a 2-part special on the History Channel.

Brian Williams Reporting: Journey to Normandy (8pm, NBC) - NBC observes the 70th anniversary of D-Day by having Brian Williams and Tom Brokaw talk with World War II veterans.

No Limits (8pm, Animal Planet) - Wrestler/adventurer Eric Young heads to Arizona to try sand boarding down dunes in the desert, then later attends the annual Ostrich Festival in Chandler, where he trains with an ostrich-racing champion for a high-speed chariot ride. In an episode at 8:30, Eric goes to Mexico to fish for striped marlin from a kayak.

D-Day in HD (9pm, History Channel) - Part 1 of this 2-part documentary special chronicles the Allied invasion of Nazi-occupied Europe during WWII. Includes interviews with veterans of the war. Part 2 airs Saturday night at 9.

Crossbones (10pm, NBC) - Blackbeard’s master plan faces obstacles when a popular pirate captain arrives. Elsewhere, Tom Lowe becomes an instrument of Blackbeard’s designs.

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