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June 11, 2014

Clinton Kelly prefers ‘The Chew’ to ‘What Not to Wear’

During a trip to Durham last week, TV host Clinton Kelly said his work on “The Chew” is more like how he lives his life.

Clinton Kelly doesn’t miss “What Not to Wear.”

He co-hosted the makeover show with Stacy London for 10 years – making-over 350 women – before cable network TLC ended the series last fall. Over a week’s time, the duo and their team adjusted the wardrobes, hair, makeup and attitudes of style-resistant contestants nominated by friends and family. Meltdowns and standoffs were common as participants defended their bad fashion.

“I loved helping women look their best, but no, I wouldn’t say I miss the show,” Kelly said in an interview last week.

“Some of the contributors were very difficult and negative and that meant the week could be hard. So you’re stuck all week with this person who was carrying around this negative energy. It could be stressful. I don’t miss that.”

“What Not to Wear” required shooting about an hour of tape for every minute that got on the air, Kelly said. “We shot forever, forever. … I would talk and talk and talk about something the contributor was wearing. And it would be boiled down to something like ‘wear red.’”

Kelly is a style ambassador for Macy’s, hosting workshops and fashion shows at stores around the country. He was in Durham last week at The Streets at Southpoint, drawing a crowd of about 100 (mostly) women who howled at his jokes and plied him with fashion questions.

He also co-hosts “The Chew,” ABC’s daytime lifestyle show that includes cooking segments, fashion tips and home advice.

“‘The Chew’ allows me to express all the things in my life I like – cooking, entertaining, style, making things,” he said. “‘What Not to Wear’ was my work and ‘The Chew’ is more like how I live my life.”

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