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    Lori Borgman: Easter is the ultimate spring cleaning

    We have a near obsession with clean, myself included.


    Ask Mr. Dad: Exploring the culinary arts

    Dear Mr. Dad: I'm not a whiz in the kitchen but I learned enough as a kid to make it through college without having to subsist solely on peanut butter sandwiches and Ramen noodles. My wife and I both cook meals but we can't seem to get our son (age 11) remotely interested in cooking. How do we get...


    Chris Erskine: A lesson in household budgeting

    A family meeting is called to rein in expenses using a family budget while also trying to keep the 23-year-old and 28-year-old financially afloat.


    Ex-etiquette: Boyfriend needs to set the record straight

    Q: My boyfriend of two years and I broke up for a short while, but we have reconciled and I moved back in about two months ago. His ex-wife, who is constantly causing trouble with the kids, continues to ask him out for coffee, for dinner, to join her skiing. It's really maddening and she won't stop...


    Sharon Randall: Waiting for the son rise

    The message was brief. I read it twice: "Hey, Mom, can I come see you guys this weekend?"


    Living with Children

    Q: My 18-year-old son and a slightly younger friend recently found some mice and decided to dispose of them. They drowned one and set the other one on fire. When I confronted my son for torturing animals, his response was "They're just mice." Is this typical boy behavior or should I be concerned?


    Ana Veciana-Suarez: Sacrificing at the altar of busyness

    When the children start school. When they get older. When they go off to college. When they leave the house to settle on their own.


    Balancing Act: Readers don't know it all � and they're OK with it

    CHICAGO - I'm still baffled by the Dow Jones industrial average and I'm not yet confident I could cook a turkey. But I take comfort in the many instructive notes I received upon admitting how little I know after four decades on Earth. ("Celebrating 40th birthday with a 10-year to-do list," March...


    A wild idea for an Easter egg hunt

    Give a traditional egg hunt a fun, nature-friendly spin with this idea from blogger Deb Olmstead of Fill emptied and washed eggshells with birdseed, then hide them in your yard (or a local park that allows bird feeding) for all your wild neighbors. "You can go on an outdoor...


    Family Meals Matter: Grilled cheese, please

    If you missed National Grilled Cheese Day on April 12, don't fret. April is National Grilled Cheese Month! This staple of childhood lunches can be either as simple or as stellar as the ingredients you choose. Switch up your bread, cheese and other fillings for a whole new take on a classic. Once...

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