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    Room-by-room gifts for the home

    Giving the gift of home decor can be a bit of a gamble. Do you base your gift choice on your hostess' known love of garden gnomes? Or her devotion to home brewing? Would your present of a chicly framed Metallica poster kill grandma's mellow vibe? Or be brilliantly counterintuitive?


    Design Recipes: Add sparkle to your holiday d�cor

    The holiday season is truly about entertaining and going all out. So why not add a little bit of sparkle and bling while still being true to the traditional spirit often associated with the holiday decor? When it comes to being creative, I suggest experimenting with some new materials this holiday...


    Gardener: Preparation and care of trees and shrubs in winter

    As fall quickly turns to winter, temperatures are plummeting several weeks ahead of normal. Frost and snow blanket our landscapes. For annual plants, their non-hardiness is readily apparent. For them, putting the garden to bed is mostly a matter of cleaning and clearing out.


    Ask Angie: Why is my concrete garage slab discolored?

    Dear Angie: I'm wondering why my concrete garage slab ended up blotched and discolored. The contractor poured two slabs on a day with a high temperature of 53 degrees and a low of 48. The finisher used 2 percent calcium for the slab that ended up discolored. The other slab, with 1 percent calcium...


    Home Fix: The importance of air sealing

    Q: When our home was built in 1989, the builder placed insulation in the garage ceiling, saying it would help if we ever planned to convert the attic to a bedroom. A few years ago we had the attic finished but the room seems to be cool and the floors are even colder. Do you have any ideas why this...


    Plumber: Freestanding baths a welcome addition for larger bathrooms

    Q: Dear Ed, We're planning to remodel a large bathroom and want a welcoming focal point for the room that will really get some attention. The issue is that my husband and I are not exactly sure what that main focal point should be. Any ideas on how we can create a wow factor as soon as you walk ...


    Style at Home: Plaid fever warms up winter

    You would think a girl who went to a Catholic high school dressed in a plaid skirt every single day for four years would shudder every time she saw a tartan. But while things like algebraic equations and American Revolutionary War battle dates have long since faded into the mist (sorry, Sisters!), ...


    Yardsmart: How old is too old for seed to sprout?

    In the 1960s, the palace of Herod the Great was excavated at Masada, Israel. There a container of date seeds found perfectly preserved in a sealed ceramic jar. Its viability was tested, and this 2,000-year-old palm successfully germinated into a Judean date palm that had been extinct for more 1,...


    For Your Home: Refresh your kitchen with a few smart updates

    I've always been motivated by deadlines. Nothing drives me to do a little redecorating like the approach of Thanksgiving, especially when I will be the hostess.


    Family gets Eichler dream home in Orange

    Jeanine Singer and Chris Kopczynski had their hearts set on living in a Joseph Eichler home so much that when they finally bought one in Orange, Calif., in late 2012, they were willing to overlook one not-so-trivial detail: The home had no kitchen.

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