Sometimes a low-key vacation does the trick

03/23/2013 6:00 PM

03/23/2013 9:47 AM

I love taking my kids to new cities, states and countries whenever I can. I really want to show them that a big world exists beyond Wake Forest and hopefully inspire them to want to see more of it on their own when they grow up.

But on our recent track out from school, we just headed to the beach for a few days. I have to admit, I was bummed about not having an exciting destination to look forward to. I missed the hours of creating the perfect itinerary, researching the best restaurants and even buying new clothes for our trip.

Soon after we arrived at the beach house, we quickly settled into a comfortable routine. We spent time building sandcastles or kicking the soccer ball, but honestly, most of our time was spent relaxing and doing pretty much nothing. We watched movies, had a board-game marathon and played video games.

And we ate pizza. Actually, we pretty much ate pizza for most meals. One day, we all changed out of our pajamas for the sole reason of going to the store to get more microwave popcorn, which is a necessity for a do-nothing vacation.

A few days later, when we packed up the car to head home, I have to admit that I was relaxed and rested. And instead of a suitcase full of laundry like we usually have after returning from a big trip, I only had a few pairs of pajamas to throw in the washing machine.

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