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You may deliver an ad digitally to the News & Observer in one of the following ways:


  1. N&O AdPortal. AdPortal is a free Web site where you can upload your ad. This is the preferred method of delivery.
  2. Delivery services. AdSend, Fastchannel and AdTtransit are also accepted. Other services may be available, but not as popular. Call if you have questions.
  3. Other methods. E-mail (although it is not preferred) and customer FTP sites. Call for details.

Acceptable File Formats
We are a Macintosh-based production department. PC format files are only accepted in Acrobat .pdf format. We strongly encourage you to send a high resolution .pdf. Other files will be accepted, if necessary. Contact us if you need help creating a .pdf of your ad or have questions about other formats.

Please make sure all fonts are embedded into your .pdf file and that all graphics are no lower than 200 dpi (The N&O uses a 100 line screen).

Contact The Digital Ad Delivery Team
The News & Observer will make all attempts to accommodate your digital ad delivery needs. Call a member of our digital ad team for help.

Matt Long
Advertising Production Manager
(919) 836-5670

Online Help
Our AdPortal website at http://so8.expresskcs.com/advtportal-us03//mainpage/raleigh/ contains all information you need when sending a file digitally, including  scanning settings, Acrobat Distiller settings, dot gain information, deadlines and ad sizes.

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