July 24, 2014

Going Up a Size

Stacy decided to get rid of some suddenly-too-small pants. Which meant, much to her chagrin, she had to get rid of ALL of her pants.

In my ongoing effort to declutter my house, I decided to tackle my closet. Which would seem like the obvious place to start, but I did a pretty good purge of seldom-worn clothes last summer, so I felt like it was in pretty decent shape.


Which it was. But I no longer am.


I recently had to go up a size in jeans (the ordeal of jeans shopping will have to be a whole ‘nother blog post, sheesh), and it dawned on me that it was very likely, then, that my non-jeans pants no longer would fit either.


Thing is, I hardly ever wear my non-jeans pants anymore. I used to wear khakis to work several times a week, but that was a long time ago, when I worked full-time. Now I’ve been freelancing from home for four years, and only on the rare occasion when I have to interview someone in a fancy setting do I break out the old work clothes.


Hmmm, I thought. Better try on those nice pants.


The good news is I have lots more space in my closet now. Bad news? NONE OF MY PANTS FIT ANYMORE.


I’d understand it if I were in the first year or so after having been pregnant. But we’re four years past that now, so I can’t blame the kid (well, at least not directly). My eating habits and lifestyle (both of which are far from perfect, but not awful, I didn’t think) haven’t changed. So there’s only one culprit.


I’m getting old.


Or older, at least. Apparently 37 is not the new 20 when it comes to waist size. Or a lot of things, come to think of it. I asked my dentist why my teeth seemed to be crowding a slight bit in front, and he told me it was just an “as we get older” thing. (My dentist just so happens to be my age, which also makes me feel old.) And I don’t have to ask my stylist what’s causing my brown hair to rapidly go white.


I’m not one to beat myself up for going up a size, but I know I don’t want to go up many more sizes and risk inviting health problems. So my path is clear: eat right, and exercise regularly. Everyone knows that. But “eating right” requires planning and learning new recipes, both of which are stressful to me. And who can fit in exercise with a preschooler around? (OK, fine, especially if that person doesn’t like the gym or running or being around people who are enthusiastic about exercise.)


So a change is gonna come, but I’m not sure yet what exactly that will entail. Does pants shopping count as exercise?

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