July 28, 2014


You know what happens when your kids get overtired. They get crazy, loud, giggly and grumpy. Rose knows it's not just the kids who are the blame, and she's planning to do something about it.

Ever seen your kids like this? They can’t go to sleep because their growing brains are overstimulated. Their tiny neurons are firing at the speed of a flux capacitor. Much like that famous DeLorean, they seem to be experiencing a few technical glitches that hinder them from going to the place they’re supposed to be heading to — the land of SLEEP, where sweet dreams are made. 


They’re not quite having visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads, because the fairies are seemingly on such sugar highs that they’re spiraling out of control in neon, psychedelic patterned tutus as they sing “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane and bump all around inside your kiddos’ brain like it’s a rubber room. It can be unsightly. This feeling of being overtired nearly dizzies your poor kid and leads him/her to sometimes be nearly uncontrollable. Over giggly or over grumpy - both ends of the behavioral spectrum are hard to handle as a parent (and hopefully later laughable as you recount them together).


I’m not here to advise on this topic. I am merely an observer. I am here to offer fellow parents in this haze some empathy, because I have observed my otherwise sweet children become slightly trollish in demeanor. I have also observed their limbs becoming as giddy as bowl of Jell-O, wiggling hither and dither uncontrollably as their ears become void of all function and their laughter reaches the screeching decibel of a witch off of her rocker. 


Overscheduled. Overplanned. Overgamed. Overbored. Overplayed. Overrun. They’re just over, and by that point you are, too. Your day is done. Flip you over ... but not just yet because you need to first ensure that they’re sound asleep and safe for the night. Once you get finally get them tucked in, you tiptoe back into the room a half hour or so later to check for hobgoblins and to kiss their foreheads that are finally bustling with visions sugar plums.


It’s not just their actions that put you in this overtired place. It’s yours. I am at this place right now. I now see that I only add to their emotional upheaval when my day has been nothing but a state of just that. I admit it. I am overtired, and I blame it on being overscheduled, overplanned, overworked, overstressed, and —by default — overly emotional due to the unforeseen curve balls the week has thrown at me. I owe it to my otherwise sweet munchkins not to feel like this. 


Henceforth, I shall declare overtired days to be done. Flip them over. I don’t want them. No one needs them. They’re a waste of the little time we have here with these sweet, sweet babies.


Be gone, overtired trollish days. Be gone, Jell-O limbs. Be gone, I say. Let us all sleep. We need it, and we thank you for bringing this fact to our attention.


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