October 31, 2013

Back to the B.C. era (Before Child)

Stacy wonders how things will go when she reunites with friends she hasn't seen since before she became a mom.

This weekend we are driving 1,000 miles (one way) to attend a wedding.


That's one thought that's making my brain do backflips this week. The other is that we'll be seeing some friends at this wedding for the first time since we had a kid. They knew us in the B.C. era -- Before Child.


As excited as I am to see these friends -- from two moves and what feels like a whole lifetime ago -- I have to confess I'm a little nervous. They've never seen me in action as "mom," and none of them are parents yet themselves. My favorite thing about seeing old friends is how you can snap right back to where you were last time you hung out (in this case, six years ago) and it feels like no time has passed. But is that possible when it's been this much time? When this much has changed?


Ever the optimist, I'm leaning toward yes. I'm not the only one who has changed, after all. All but one of us has a new job (and the one with the same old job has a new wife we haven't met yet). Several of us have moved from one continent to another since we last got together. We've all moved on from the things that we had in common (location and/or employers), but we've all kept in touch, with no shortage of things to talk about.


So I have a feeling that once we're reunited, we'll all order the same old drinks and laugh about the same old things. But we'll have new stories to tell – and, for me, a new requirement to find a babysitter first.

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