A "Feliz Navidad" Moment over Cupcakes

12/11/2013 1:00 AM

12/09/2013 5:10 PM

Songwriters give us the gift of music every year. They may not even realize the impact their songs have on future generations. 

In 1970, Puerto Rican singer/songwriter Jose Feliciano created a song that combined two cultures in a catchy, pop way. “Feliz Navidad” is still one of the top 25 Christmas songs played around the world after 43 years.

This past weekend, my son decorated cupcakes with about 12 other children he had never met before that day.  They were all attending a Saturday afternoon holiday baking class at Whisk, the new gourmet cooking store at Waverly Place in Cary.

The kids really didn’t talk to each other.  Unless they were there with a friend or sibling, they pretty much kept to themselves.  They were too focused on the task at hand for conversation.

Frosty’s fondant carrot nose and Rudolph’s fondant red nose had to be rolled and placed with care.

The gumballs on the Christmas tree cupcake had to be just right.

And the gift cupcake had to be wrapped with precision.

The hourlong class breezed by with little conversation and a lot of icing action.

Christmas songs were played on the speakers, and the kids’ Frosty the Snowman cupcakes began to come to life through every foodie decoration.

It was the end of class, and it was time to pack up their culinary masterpieces.

There still was no chatter between the kids, but all of a sudden, there was a clatter just as the saran wrap hit the platter.

It came from every child in unison.

“We wanna wish you a Merry Christmas! We wanna wish you a Merry Christmas! We wanna wish you a Merry Christmas from the bottom of our heart. “

“Feliz Navidad!”

With each note that Jose sang over the speakers, the voices got louder and louder. You probably could hear the joy at the front of the store.

It was a moment that no one could really plan, but yet so special.

The joy of the holidays was within everyone at that moment. 

And that was our special “Feliz Navidad!” moment over cupcakes.


What’s your favorite Christmas song? 

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