The Start of Spring Always Reminds Me to be Patient

03/25/2014 12:01 AM

02/15/2015 10:44 AM

Spring has arrived at last!  As I looked back on my seasonal reflections over the last few years I noticed a trend when it came to my March postings -- late wintry weather, after early signs of spring, kept us waiting.  The season change was forcing us to be patient.  

I for one choose to heed the life lesson that the seasons provide us and knew that the "be patient" message spring was sending this year was one that I could apply to many areas of my life, including my parenting role.

Be patient with my daughter who is navigating middle school and all of the social and academic experiences that provides.  Allow her the time to figure out how she fits in, allow her the time to discover who she is, allow her the time to find the routine that allows her to produce her best work.  Talk to her about things other than just what homework she has due by the end of the week.  Be patient and know that she is beginning to blossom into the young adult that she will become.  

Be patient with my own recovery from breast cancer.  Be patient and marvel at the hair regrowth process.  Be patient with my mastectomy recuperation, appreciate being healthy enough to go through surgery and thankful for reconstruction options.  Be patient, and don't wish these days away.  

Be patient, enjoy the change of season and be thankful that I am able to experience it.

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