March 26, 2014

Is There Really a Fat-Burning Soup?

Go on and laugh if you'd like, but Leigh sees some progress after making an allegedly fat-burning soup.

I truly am one of those people who may have sucker written all over her face.

I am probably a snake oil salesman’s dream client.

I take more different types of vitamins on a daily basis than I can name.  There are so many bottles in the medicine cabinet that they practically fall out when I open the door.

My husband likes to say, “You know there have been some studies that show vitamins are a waste of money!”

And then there are teas for bloating and teas for mood swings in my kitchen pantry.

They are stacked high in the back with the herbal tea for a sore throat and the funky-smelling green tea to burn fat. 

I am that one person that a salesperson tries to hone in on during a shopping trip to Whole Foods.

Now that you know all of that, then it will not surprise you to learn now that I made a fat-burning soup last week to jump-start some weight loss.

I’m discussing the soup on the HinesSight Blog this week and am sharing the recipe that was designed for extremely overweight heart patients before surgery.

I don’t recommend the seven-day diet as written for anyone unless you are one of the patients going in for surgery and it’s recommended by your doctor. It’s not a healthy way to lose weight for the long term.  However, I got more discussion on my Facebook page than I ever had for a trip so I told people I would share the recipe.

I do recommend this cabbage- and tomato-based soup with Kombu seaweed to help you jump-start some weight loss because I lost five pounds in three days and am now able to feel like I’m making some progress.

The soup also helps you pack in fruits and vegetables, and helps with portion control.  Portion control is one of my biggest problems.

I will never forget my friend’s boyfriend telling me when we were 25 that he was shocked at how much pizza I could eat and still stay small.  Well, at 25, I could do it. Now at 45, it’s a whole different story, and yet I still feel like that girl who could eat three to four slices of pizza in one sitting and top if off with a good beer.

I am not active enough to burn those types of calories.  I’m not even sure if a daily runner could do it, either. I am also at a lot of events now, and maintaining my weight has become more of a challenge for me.

Is there any truth to this fat-burning soup, or did I fall for another lame health trend?

Let’s just say that if you open my fridge, you’ll find a lot of cabbage, spring onions, and seaweed.

I’m going to make another pot.  I’m in a wedding soon. I need all the help I can get.

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