March 30, 2014

I'm Not Elsa

Not everyone appreciates Rose's singing in the car, but she's learned to take the criticism and just "let it go."

Lately I find myself belting out the dramatic lyrics to “Let it Go” from Frozen as I drive alone while the song’s epic crescendos ebb and flow. I do not liken my vocal stylings to that of Indina Menzel, but I sing loud and proud when I am flying solo in my mommy bus. I caught someone staring at me at a red light today and just let it go. Sometimes though I do belt it out when chauffeuring my brood hither and dither. Initially they laughed with me as I sang this song mockingly with my hands stretched out and arms dramatically flailing to the sky above as I drove as if in my castle made of ice. Now they’re clearly annoyed by my sad car ride karaoke.

I think of that cruel quip that a friend may jokingly say while witnessing another friend that is clearly a tone deaf singer, and it goes like this:

Friend A:  {Carefree and singing loudly all the while botching lyrics}

Friend B:  “Hey, who sings that song, Friend A?”

Friend A:  {States name of group/singer who originally sings song he/she is proudly belting out}  

Friend B:  “Well, let’s keep it that way.”

I am pretty sure my kids have said this to me in a roundabout way. For instance, today they said, “Mom, please stop. That’s annoying.”  Well, maybe that was more harsh than what Friend B had to say to Friend A, but I like to annoy my kids. It’s fun to push their little coal buttons. They’ll never see me cry though, because “I’m one with the wind and the sky…”  Cold commentary never bothers me anyway.

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