April 6, 2014

Beware: The Yellow Cloud is Coming

Rose is excited that spring is here, but she's significantly less excited about one side effect: pollen.

Hooray! Spring has finally sprung, and I can officially tell you that because the irises, tulips, lilies, and more have told me so. It wouldn’t shock me at all if another random freeze came our way and destroyed them all, but in the meantime, I will be excited that my beloved phlox have begun their annual descent down the hill in our yard and are seemingly brighter than ever in hue. We created a flower bed and planted them five years ago as we didn’t want to deal with the soil erosion that was sure to come from an expeditiously leveled lot or the mowing of our lovely hill of a yard. Today I saw one thing spring brings that nearly put a screeching halt to all of my flowery excitement over the budding shrubs, leafy trees, greening grasscapes, and seemingly the end of this bi-polar winter weather in North Carolina….


(Cue suspicious, semi-evil, antagonistic music here:  “DUT - DUT - DAHHH!”)

Yes, I see its beginnings on the ledges of my screened in porch. In preparation of the ability to finally use our porch, I wiped down the table and was aghast. Yuck. I can see the yellow pine pollen getting prepared to make its showering descent from the many pine trees that unfortunately surround our lot to our roof, exterior walls, cars, mailbox, driveway, porch, picnic table, rockers on the porch, kids' toys, pillows on the porch furniture, shall I go on?!

It angers me. I know pollen is necessary for our beloved plants to be properly fertilized, and after researching the big nuisance that pine pollen is, I discovered more than I ever imagined I could about its positive effects and it’s medicinal purposes. Still though - I’m not looking forward to it creeping into my house on the soles of folks’ shoes and seeing waves of it flow from trees as I drive and at the same time attempt not to breathe even though I’m safe within the confines of my mommy bus with the tightly shut.  

I said I was looking forward to spring. I am happy it’s here, but just once could we pass on the pine pollen, Mother Nature? 

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